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Loren J. Foged CPA offers a number of professional accounting services to residents of the Gretna, NE area. I am a professional accountant who has insights into making your business more profitable, more productive, and more successful. I am a bookkeeper who ensures that your financial information is as realistic and reliable as possible. I am also a tax preparation expert who can help to keep you and your business out of legal trouble.

As your accountant, I am required to provide services to ensure that your financial transactions are in accordance with governmental requirements known as Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, or GAAP. I make certain that your transactions are properly categorized, recorded, and factual, and I make adjustments as needed to arrive at applicable financial statements.

As your bookkeeper, I can handle all of your bookkeeping needs. You can hire me to oversee an in-house bookkeeper's work and make needed adjustments. I am also available to be a firm's general bookkeeper; I work in my office by receiving client information electronically. Ask me for more information.

As your tax preparation professional, I always stay current with applicable governmental tax laws. This includes local, state, and federal entities. I know how to keep you and your firm out of legal trouble. When you hire me, you can be assured that you will not receive a threatening IRS letter or similar notice. I make sure that all tax returns are properly completed, signed, and submitted according to governmental requirements.

I recommend scheduling a free consultation at Loren J. Foged CPA if you or your business are located in the Gretna, NE area. Consultations are the perfect opportunity to become acquainted with each other. I will find out about your needs, resources, goals, and objectives; you will find out what I can do to help you. Schedule one today!

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